Orey River overflowed, hundreds families at Sarmi Regency, West Papua, leaving their villages

Jayapura (28/7) — Orey river that across districk of Sarmi City and district of South Sarmi, Papua, at 03.00 BST on Friday (27/7), overflowed. Resulted in hundreds of residents in some villages (Mararena, Kasukwe, and Serwar) have been displaced. Even some residents reportedly dead.

Head of Health Crisis Center (HCC) of Papua Province, Paminto Widodo, say to tabloidjubi.com, Saturday (28/7), “This flood have resulted Florin Rica Akwan dead, and hundreds peoples displaced to schools and churches.”

According Paminto, 250 family who left the villages. Paminto explained, the Provincial Goverment has established a health post, with 2 (two) doctors and a nurse and three volunteers.

About 105 houses flooded, 10 bridges damaged, submerged the central market, and some streets are not accessible by vehicle, as well as several acres of farm residents were severely damaged due to waterlogging.

Until now the water is still flooding the Kasukwe village, so the traffic from District of Sarmi City to Sarmi’s Government Offices disconnected.

“Frans Fredrik (65) and Flori Akhwan Ika (20) was found dead. Frans,  he is old. So the possibility he can not escape during a flood. Flori, according to his mother, when the flood comes she was sick. And both of them have evacuated to hospital ” said the chief of Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Sarmi, Julius Runtuk, Saturday (27/7). (Jubi/Eveerth Joumilena/Victor Mambor)


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