Filep Karma refused to vow, Buchtar Tabuni’s trial postponed

Jayapura, (28/7)-West Papua’s Political Prisoners, Filep Karma, refused to vow in District Court of Jayapura. He only would to testify without vow in front of peoples who is full of trickery and deceit.

“If true, say right, if wrong, say wrong, it’s better than the devil’s work,” said Filep Karma to the judges, Thursday (26/7) in the Jayapura’s District Court. Even when the judges also asked Filep Karma to vow under the bible, he still refused.

Filep said, his words to the judge was enough as a sworn. However, the judge insisted Karma need to vowing under the bible as a Christian. “You had to vow to us as Christians before giving testimony,” said the presiding judge, Haris Munandar, SH.

According to Karma, a statement by the presiding judge that explain he was a Christian was wrong. Karma said he is a followers of Christ. “I’m not a Christian. I just believe in Jesus. Jesus never established a religion. Jesus said I am the way the truth and live. I want to testify base on that, ” said Karma.

Filep would not to obey the people’s law which are full of intrigue and interest. He just wanted to obey God’s law that reigns within himself. Conscience on the testimony is quoted from the New Testament scriptures.

“I do not want to obey the laws of man. My testimony is fake or not, that’s my responsibility to the Lord, ” Filep say to the judges before he asked of testify about the case Buchtar Tabuni.

The refusal came from his experience while working in the government of Indonesia. “I have experience, many civil servants vowing not to work to enrich themselves but that is lie,” says this former civil servants.

The judge could not push Filep to vow. The judge gave back Filep to the prosecutor. “You want to ask your attorney as a witness or not?” the presiding judge asked the prosecutor.

“As per the rules in court, he have to vow to us. Therefore, Filep Karma could not be as the witness, ” said Ahmad Komarubun SH, coordinator of the prosecutors to the judge.

The judge asked Filep again. But Filep does not change his mind. “I’m still in my mind,” said Filep Karma.

The judge closed the hearing and will continue on Monday (30/7) next week. (Jubi/Benny Mawel/Victor Mambor)


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