The population has decreased drastically, Regent of Merauke Promise To Give a bonus for local women who are pregnant

Merauke (13/7) — Regent of Merauke, West Papua, Drs. Romaus Mbaraka, MT promised to give a bonus or assistance to local women who are pregnant. This as a form of attention from the Government of the District (Regency) Merauke to the baby in the womb.

This was conveyed by the Regent of Merauke when face to face with the people in the village of Wambi, District Okaba a few time ago. According to him, with the help of funds provided, of course, a mother would get benefits to the growth of children in the womb. “So, I motivate the mothers to conceive and the government will still pay attention,” he said.

He explained that one of the local village has a population of at most is at Kampung Wambi. This should be maintained and improved. Due to the fact that in other local villages, every years, the population has decreased drastically. (Jubi/Ans/Victor Mambor)


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