UPDATE : Mako Tabuni executed by three cars

Jubi, 14 June 2012Papua police chief, Inspector General Pol.Bigman Lumban Tobing said the Chairman of the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB), Mako Tabuni shot dead by police officer because he did fight back when police officer would to arrest him, this is contrary to the recognition of some witnesses at the scene.

One of the residents near the scene named Indah said, before Mako Tabuni was shot, there are three cars near the scene and when Mako Tabuni crossed the road to University areas at Perumnas III, District Heram, he was shot by people who were in the car on Thursday (14/06) around 9:30 AM

“So, at that time Mako Tabuni walk with his colleagues. But I am not sure how many times he was shot. Only after being shot, one of cars with the DS 447 AJ (Car’s ID Number) came and Mako Tabuni came directly loaded into the car, ” said Indah.

According to him, when the masses know Mako was shot, masses around the scene became anger and involved in the burning of cars, motorcycles and destruction of homes and a shop. “So when they saw Mako was shot, masses rampage and attacked the home of other residents who do not know anything,” said Indah.

“There are three cars from the gate of University of Cenderawasih. One type of car is Jeep, black, DS.447 AJ, ” said JM, a witness who spoke to tabloidjubi.com at the scene, Perumnas III Waena, Abepura, Jayapura, Papua, on Thursday (14/6).

According to JM, a man (not wearing uniform) came out of one car and then doing the shooting. “They were not wearing uniform. Bring rifles like this officer’s, ” said a man at the scene, pointing rifles on Brimob (Mobile Brigade of Police) members who hear his explanation.

Some of the shots that killed Mako Tabuni in front of people. “Who would to see what happened. He falls, dead like animals. His blood spilled, “said JM, to tabloidjubi.com.

It is almost matching to another testimony from one of Chinese residents that exist around the scene. According to him, there are several peoples without uniform, carry guns and shoot the victim. After that they walked away. “So who invited the real problem is the police. At that time a car (Avanza) runs, followed by another car (he said the car is Pick-Up but another witness said the car is Jeep). Well, people in a Pick-Up who did the shooting. Seeing the incident, masses did anarchist action, ” said Chinese residents who do not want to be named.

He also regretted that the security forces who came too late to the scene. “The incidence of riot has been going on for about an hour before officers arrived. So what is the real duty of police? We tried to contact the police at Polsek Abe, but  phone is disconnected. If officers would make arrests should be backed up to prevent things like this, “he complained.

From the data have collected by tabloidjubi.com, the damage have caused loss of millions hundreds rupiahs in which there are four cars, 26 motorcycles, some shops and houses burned. (Jubi / Arjuna / Mawel / Mambor)
Sebby Sambom, an independent human rights activist, when contacted by tabloidjubi.com convey the thing that are not much different. According to him, Mako ditembak when eating nuts (Pinang). “There are five peoples walking to a taxi station (Perumnas III). 2 peoples want to go to Sentani. One is DK. He told Mako that there are two cars (one is Avansa) follows them but Mako did not pay attention and still eat nut (pinang) that sale there. People in the car come out from the car and shoot Mako, ” said Sebby Sambom.

Reliable information from the Bhayangkara Hospital said six bullets lodged in Mako’s body. “Mako Tabuni was shot six bullets in the abdomen, right thigh and left,” said a source at the Bhayangkara Hospital to tabloidjubi.com via short message.

From the data have collected by tabloidjubi.com, the damage have caused loss of millions hundreds rupiahs in which there are four cars, 26 motorcycles, some shops and houses burned.* (Jubi / Arjuna / Mawel / Mambor)


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